It was an ordinary day in Sunnydale,me sitting down in detention writing in my notebook also,my name is Sarah,another girl filing her nails,her name was Juliette.Also,a person was digging her face reading words in her notebook,thats Amy.after, a girl feet on her table,earphones on and listening to music,thats Julia.When detention was over ,Juliette asked us if we wanted to take a ride on her private jet to meet her parents in Indonesia that night i asked my parents and they said yes. So that Saturday evening we flew two hours later there was a thump I Juliette said calm down at least the pilot will go coo coo and jump off...but then before she could finish the pilot screamed and jumped off the air plane.Well thats a bummer,juliette said.then the plane crashed. This is bad we're stranded on an islandI said.

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